Saturday, 7 February 2009


Ok, so I've been a bit absent lately. Not because I haven't been cooking (I'm always cooking, and eating) but because I've been busy promoting

Let me explain... I met Kat, a fellow foodie in last year of my degree at Oxford in 2007. As we were both spending our days langusihing in the chemistry lab, we often had looong coffee and cake breaks. During one such break, Kat told me about an idea she'd had for a website dedicated to food in Oxford, initially aimed at students, we wanted to get people excited about good food.

With youthful exuberance and in hindsight, naivety, we decided to build the website from scratch ourselves and went on some Dreamweaver courses. If anyone has ever even tried to edit a website before will know, this was a crazy idea. It's literally taken me until now to be any good and that's only at the front end stuff. Thankfully we have techy friends in the right places to do the really complicated database stuff.

So, on we ploughed, we got degrees and proper jobs and at the weekend, tapped away. Having this blog helped as you will notice lots of the same recipes and pictures... All that's left to say now is please take a look, let me know what you think. Although aimed at Oxford residents, we still have information on food isses, healthy eating and plenty of recipes. If you've eaten (and enjoyed) one of my cakes before, then the recipes are all here!

This is very much version 1.0, Kat and I still have our work cut out marketing and adding lots more content, but its such a relief to have it officially launched, much fizzy wine was consumed at the weekend at the excellent Door 74 - if you're ever in Oxford, you must visit!

Ps: I did make this delightful yoghurt cake on Monday's snow day, with black cherry yoghurt that was a month out of date and still fine, makes you wonder what they put in it....

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