Saturday, 16 August 2008

Born and Bread Bakery

I spent the weekend selling bread for the Born and Bread Bakery. They are a fabulous artisan bakery selling the most delicious organic breads all made from a sourdough starter and baked in a proper wood-fired oven. They sell in the equally fabulous East Dulwich Deli as well as at various markets all over London. The best bread has to be the huge sourdoughs below, you can buy it in quarters and is definitely the most popular.
Its a fairly random arrangement, but basically, every so often I sell bread for them at one of the several markets they do. Its a bit of extra cash and I get to take home lots of lovely bread. Still, no one like getting up at 7.30am on the weekend...
I did Broadway market on Saturday. A bit out in the sticks for a South Londoner like me, but if you live anywhere near Bethnal Green, its worth a visit, make sure you don't eat before though as half the fun is all the stalls selling food to be eaten straight away. Special mention must be made of the stall selling amazing organic coffee (and Hampstead Tea!) opposite our bread stall at the entrance to the market.

Sunday was Queen's Park Farmers' Market, part of the LFM markets. I particularly like LFM farmers' markets as they are really strict about who sells there so you know that all the producers there genuinely grow and produce their food locally. Queen's park was actually quite big and had a fantastic range of products. I got some of these beautiful roses below and some fish from a stall sellling hand picked shellfish from the Dorset coast.

In retrospect, its actually so much fun doing the stall. I am still entertaining romantic notions of having my own market stall, even though doing it week in week out is serious work for next to no money... It did make me resolve to try harder to buy my food from markets though and not Waitrose (its on my way home from work). When you start with quality ingredients, its so much easier to cook anyway as everything tastes so good already.

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