Wednesday, 1 October 2008


I've not written a post on eating out for a long time, mostly because I've just moved into a new flat, so we've been eating in A LOT. Happily, GBK were doing 2for1 vouchers so we felt vindicated in spending money eating out.

Aaah GBK, why are your burgers so big?? Just look at this monster - yes it looks impressive, but no, I cannot fit it into my mouth. So, when I inevitably try (I refuse to use a knife and fork) everything splodges out onto the plate and my lap and the floor and I am left only with a corner of bun. This acutally drives me mad, why make a burger that doesn't fit into your mouth???

Ok, rant over, the burger pictured, was actually very mediocre, I'm not really a fan of 'veggie burgers' that are actually just vegetables (portobello mushroom 'burger' anyone?), a much better vegetarian option is the falafel burger, its still massive and this time with hummus and cucmber raita and sweet chilli sauce to dribble down your front, so it will still end in tears naturally, but at least it astes good. Meat eaters will do a lot better, the burgers are apparently amazing and much more mouth friendly.

Oh and the chips are tasty too, but you have to order them separately and on top of the burger, it the amount of food that literally leaves you waddling out of the door.

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