Saturday, 1 March 2008

About me

Welcome to What Rachel Ate Today, I'm Rachel and I am quite literally obsessed with food, I'm always thinking of my next meal. I love to eat, to read cookbooks, go food shopping, go out for dinner... Food is my favourite social activity and is central to most things I do.

I tend to use recipes as inspiration and then make up my own, usually depending on what I have in. I’m big on eating locally, seasonally and organic where possible and increasingly reducing the ridiculous amounts of food waste we all produce. This blog has also ignited a growing obsession with food photography, before this I didn’t even own my camera, but now all the pictures on my camera are of food and I’m currently dreaming of buying a fancy new camera....

I’m currently working at Hampstead Tea, a small company where I get to do lots of fun marketing things whilst I figure out my ultimate ‘foodie’ job. I also do various other foodie things on the side such as sell bread for Born and Bread Bakery, test recipe and work on various websites (more on that soon...fingers crossed!)

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