Saturday, 7 June 2008

A Good Food Day

Today was a good food day, especially as I didn't cook any of it (Sunday will be my cooking day). First stop was a late lunch at Green and Blue, what a fabulous place, they are primarily a wine shop and deli, with a cafe next door where they serve all the delicious food they sell in the deli. A lot is homemade, what isn't is excellently sourced. not to mention the wine, mmmm.. you can pick any bottle from the shop and drink in the cafe.

Seen as though it was already 3pm by the time we sat down to lunch, it only seemed proper to start things off with a little bellini (and some more prosecco later..). My friend Rose had the leek and spinach quiche which was rich and tasty served with a salad full of veggies. I had the smoked haddock and leek pie, amazing! Rich buttery pastry filled with creamy haddock filling. The perfect lunch.

An afternoon of drinking ensued (and some chippy chips about 6pm), by 11pm I had the munchies, we thought we'd just get a rubbish burger, but then we stumbled on the lovely Hisar on Lorsdship Lane, a kebab shop with a difference, first of all, you can have a beer whilst you're waiting at one of the little tables with cushiony seat, secondly this is top quality kebab food. I had the falafel, loads of big crsipy chickpea bites with hummus, tzsatiki, chilli sauce and salad, the perfect after pub meal!

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