Thursday, 15 January 2009

Swede Chips

We're really into winter now, every week we continue to get more and more root vegetables. Whilst I've had great success roasting parsnips and carrots, I'm still not sure what to do when faced with a swede, of course you can always throw it into soup or stew and grated, it makes a great addition to slaw. I've tried making mash, but I wasn't so convinced although its definitely marked as something to try again.

These swede chips however, did work. Swede wedges roasted with plenty of seasoning and a bit of garlic until golden and crispy, then a little cheese grated over. Perfect, try them in place of potato chips for a vegetable hit.

See recipe here.

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1 comment:

Nyx said...

If you want to mash swede cook up half and half carrot and swede mixed. Mash with butter - delicious. We eat it all the time in the winter.