Friday, 11 April 2008

The Big Bang

Working at The Big Bang during my student days, the free meal we got at the end of the shift was seriously the highlight of my day. Sad as that might be, this is the best sausage and mash ever. The Big Bang only serve sausage and mash, but they are testament to doing something simple really well. Plus, they are loads of different sausages and mash, so really there are loads of variations. It all comes with peas and red cabbage, this is what sets them apart for me.

I always have the mushroom and tarragon sausages, by far the nicest veggie sausages. The pork and apple though is probably the best meaty one. I always have mustard mash too, but the rose mash (bright pink due to beetroot) is another good one.

Since I was last there, I'm sure the portions have shrunk, but they're still pretty big. The service is also a bit 'friendly' , but all in all, definitely worth visiting Oxford for.

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