Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Florence

The Florence on Dulwich Road is not your traditional pub, but more in the vein of the trendy gastropubs that are everywhere now. This is not a bad thing, its spacious, airy, full of comfy couches, perfect for a Sunday gathering of friends or a cosy date. All this and they have Aspall's cider and house red and white on tap too!

The most important thing, the food, is pretty good. In that its exactly the kind of thing you want to eat after a few too many pints. Burgers, bangers and mash, pies... all very reasonably priced too.

We went for a hotdog topped with fried onions, which was pretty damn good. Anything topped with fried onions is good in my book. We also had little cheddar and pea pasties, not really pasties, more delicate than that and the filling was a bit too pureed, but they tasted delicious.

The Bishop on Lordship Lane seems to be in the same group of pubs, the food is equally good as is the atmosphere.

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