Tuesday, 29 April 2008


I'm really annoyed with myself as I ate in 2 really fabulous restaurants the past 2 evenings and I forgot my camera! Now I know its all about the pictures, but I thought it was worth at least worth mentioning them as they are definitely worth visiting. Plus, it gives me the excuse to go back and take pictures...

The first is Wahaca, the much hyped restaurant of Thomasina Myers. Apparently its been completely packed since opening and I can see why. Its hearteneing to see a restaurant do something well and actually be successful. I think I fell for the idea of Wahaca first, all the chicken and pork is free range, the fish is sustainable and they sorce as much as possible locally, pretty good eh? Anyway, yes it is busy, we got there at 6.30 so didn't have to wait but by 7 the queue was out of the door. But, I guess in that area of soho where everything is so touristy and overpriced, its worth it. Considering how busy it is, the service is also friendly and efficient

The menu is well thought out too, its kind of like spanish tapas. We had about 2 of the smaller dishes each to share, we were excited at the prospect of eating happy meat so went down the meaty route a bit, but the fish pastor, mushroom quesadilla and frijoles turned out to be the best. The highlight may possibly have been the churros, but that's probably down to nostalgia (many afternoons spent eating exquisite churros in Valencia) more than anything else, they were good though, if a little too crisp and the chocolate was excellent, hence the completely empty bowls at the end. All in all we spent £14 each including wine (and churros), so good value too!

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