Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Gordon's wine Bar - the perfect meal

Gordon's Wine Bar is already well established as a cult favourite in London. As anyone who tries to go there after 5pm will attest. General practice is to squeeze in with everyone else in the cavernous cellar and hover by tables until one becomes free. You have to be pretty quick though as there are usually about 10 people waiting behind you.

This, however is all part of the charm, its not this packed for nothing. This is one of London's oldest wine bars, and it really is a wine bar, they only serve wine and port, Madeira or sherry from the barrel. The food is another of its all important charms, simplicity is key, but it is done very well. There are homemade pies and massive scotch eggs. But we plumped for the ploughman's, there's a large range to choose from (although I'd have liked more English cheeses), lots of crusty bread, butter, pickled onions, pickle. The portions, it must be said, are massive. We had about 4 ploughman's between 6 of us and I was pretty overwhelmed by the mass of cheese. We managed sot finish it though..

Wine, bread and cheese, all in all the perfect meal.

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