Wednesday, 30 April 2008


The second is Woodlands, a South Indian vegetarian restaurant. It was recommended to me by an Indian friend, so I thought that was a pretty good indicator. The interior was much more spacious and light than your typical Indian restaurant, the service was very good and we had a wonderful time.

The menu was overwhelming, most Indian food in this country is Punjabi, typically meatier, greasier and fattier; so there were lots of dishes that I'd never seen before. We plumped for the rice and lentil puffs studded with cashew and chilli that came with a delicious homemade coconut chutney. Then woodlands korma and saag paneer. It was all so delicous, light and delicately spiced. The saag panner was particularly good. Given we opted for pretty safe choices, I definitely need to go back as there's so much to try! Some people on the table next to us got thalis, which is a tray holding several little dishes and they looked fab.

Hmmm, when can I go back...

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